IAAT Prepare Test, IAAT Sample Test

1. What is IAAT?

Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) which is developed by the University of Iowa, is a placement exam given to middle school students (or at the beginning of first year at high school). The test assesses students' ability of

  • Pre-Algebraic Number Skills and Concepts
  • Interpreting Mathematical Information
  • Representing Relationships
  • Using Symbols
  • 2. Why will I take IAAT?

    In Fairfax county, AAP ( previous called Gifted and Talented program) students in 6th grades will take IAAT in January. Students have to pass with at least 91% percentile in IAAT test. The students also have to pass 7th Grade math SOL with advanced score to qualify to take Algebra I in 7th grade. All the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology admission data in recent years show that if a student takes Algebra I in 8th grade, his chance of admitted into TJ is 30s%. If a student takes Geometry or Algebra II etc, his chance of admitted into TJ is 60s%. If you want to take Geometry in 8th grade, you must take Algebra I in 7th grade. All that means that if your child can not score very well in IAAT, most likely, he or she will not be in the top for math, science in high school. His/her chance to get into his/her dream schools is very dim.

    Start early for your child’s future now by preparing him for the IAAT as early as possible.

    3. Where to take IAAT?

    Your child's school, 6th grade math class will arrange the test.

    4. Does your practice work?

    The answer is Yes and No. After near one year preparation, we released our first edition IAAT practice tests. These practice tests will sharp your child’s newly acquired Algebra senses and let him/her be more confident when taking the IAAT test. However, it might still not enough. We strongly recommend that you help your childe to study the first half of the ‘First Algebra Book’. It is a very good study guide to prepare for the IAAT.

    5. IAAT Sample Test

    Click Here to get the full version of IAAT Prepare test examples (Revised version on 12/7/2012)! You will get a PDF file instantly after you send payment.



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