Don't Buy Wii Games, Download Wii Games!

We bought the Wii Console last Thanks Giving and after a few months, we realized that we might have to buy more games and that really cost a lot. On the left column of this web page, we listed a few popular games selling on You can see they are not cheap. That made me to do a reasearch on how to get Wii games at an affordable price. I have tried a few different ways. What we found is you can unlock your wii then download wii games FREE to play. The following are the steps.

Unlock your wii (2 methods to unlock your wii)

1. Softmod your wii.

This is FREE. But it might take you some time to learn. The following are useful information:

2. Buy modchip and install on yor wii

You can buy Wii Mod Chips which cost about $50. Install in your wii and your wii is unlocked and ready to play.

Find wii games and download them FREE

Once you unlocked your wii, you can find and download FREE wii games.

You can download from or search from and download from there.

Burn the downloaded wii games on to the DVD.

You can use any DVD burn software. What you downloaded is iso image. All dvd burn softwares have function called 'burn image'. So just burn the image to your DVD and you are ready to play.

Avoid Scam!

DO NOT join membership. You will be disappointed and regret as I am because it is SCAM. They now chaned name to They also own another 2 websites which are and They are SCAM too. They keep changing names so they can keep SCAM. The following vedio is my bad experience with them. I wasted $50. You can learn lesson from me.

What is the truth about

I decided to join membership in November 2010. I was excited about all the benefits they promised. However, I was really dissapointed after I joined. So now I highly recommen you NOT to waste your money like I did.

I will tell you what I get after I paid $50. Everything actually can be FREE. did NOT provides any service for their member.

First softmod your wii. Unless you mod your wii, otherwise you cannot play any wii games download from online. The following is the FREE resource talking about softmod your wii. They are all FREE and does not have its own software or instruction to softmod the wii. They just redirect you to the following websites and you need to study to figure out by yourself. Please study carefully because it might hurt your wii.

Once you softmod your wii, you need to download wii games. I assumed that hosts all the software they promised, however, what I got is redirected to, which is another FREE website. And it is not gauranteed the quality.

As you can see, itself did not provide any services. It sent you to different FREE websites.

Why so many people recommended

Before I join, I did whole lot of researches. I found that so many people and websites highly recommend They all talk about it in a very positive ways. That is why I finally joined their membership. They must be all lying. Why are they doing that? It is because of money. I found that if you join their membership, whoever send you to their website will get 75% commission. So if you spent $49.95, the website which direct you to will rceive $37.5. That is why so many people are highly recommend But it is a SCAM.

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